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What Is Cosplay?

Posted by HalloweenSave_Kris on

What Is Cosplay?

Cosplay includes "costume" + "play" (Japanese:コスプレ), which refers to use costume, accessories, props and make-up to play the role of ACG (anime, comic, game) or Japanese Visual Rock band and some characters in the movie.

Cosplay people are generally called as "coser" [also known as "cosplayer"]. The definition of cosplay is quite broad, it can be said that as long as there is cosplay in some field, cosplay must is definitely the mainstream of youth's popular culture. HalloweenSave Team in Liberty City Anime Con 2017

Cosplay originated in the United States, but it was greatly influenced by Japanese cosplay. In 1947, the cartoonist  Osamu Tezuka has set off a new comic book which has created a great prosperity for the entire animation and game market in Japan, and has also laid a solid foundation for the cosplay industry in Japan.

Disney Is One Of The Origin American Cosplay

With the rapid maturity of the animation and game industry in Japan in the 1990s and the endless stream of visual orchestras, COSPLAY has become a subsidiary culture of the large-scale animation and game industry.

In the 1990 s, the animation and game industry in Japan successfully hosted some large number of animation exhibitions and game shows. In order to promote their products, Japanese comics and video game companies found some beautiful men and girls to COSPLAY in these game shows and comic festivals, to become an anime or game character to attract exhibitors.

Who Is HalloweenSave.com?

In 2012, we recruited young Cosers from various cities and countries to form a professional Cosplay team of HalloweenSave, they round up the latest news of anime, game and movie, delivered to our professional  Cosplay costume factory to producing, then our cosplay team members will be the first crew to try on these newest costumes when joining in party anime expo or comic con.Only the products are really popular among youth will be put into HalloweenSave's production plan.

Professional Cosplay Costume Shopping Website

How To Cosplay?

If you are a flash new on cosplay community that haven't any idea about how to start Cosplay. Go to next Professional Cosplay Blog to get you on the road to Cosers easily!