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How To Cosplay For The First Time

Posted by HalloweenSave_Jame on

Many newcomers just have a passion for Cosplay, but haven't any idea about how to start Cosplay. If you want to Cosplay your favorite character, follow the 6 professional steps taught by halloweensave to get you on the road to Coser easily!

1. We all know that just simple preference for the role and character is not enough to cosplay well. First of all cosers have to get a detailed understanding of the role who he/ she wanna cosplay, such as the character's personality characteristics, inner thoughts, physical movements, expressions changes, and the relationship with other characters surrounding, etc., Understanding the character is a very important step and the basis for successful cosplay.


2. In the process of preparing Cosplay Costumes and Props, Coser has better to design a complete list of character cosplay sets, which can save much time and prevent omissions, to help your cosplay more smoothly. Coser can list character images and important elements related to the characters, then collected and print the pictures. The pictures should fully show out more details characteristics of character costumes and props. eventually according to the design list to prepare and purchase cosplay equipment.

3. Refer to your design list, purchase costume materials, accessories, and accessories from shopping malls or clothing stores. Different clothes require different materials, so you need to choose the fabric that is close to the character costume. Some cosers who are good at sewing, can DIY their cosplay costumes, or if not good at DIY, you can log in to professional cosplay website to shopping what you need.

halloweensave.com is a professional cosplay costume website that you can usually find out all costume and complete accessories for a popular character at our shopping website.

4. For the characters that need props and accessories, the displayed props also need to be made and perfected on the basis of the design drawings. Some involuted and Non-popular props might be a bit hard to be found at stores and malls, but can be turn up in the toy store or professional online shopping site like halloweensave.com.

5. Wigs, hair accessories, styling tools, and cosmetics are essential for character styling. For example, cosplay wigs can be found or custom in the store. A easier way you can not only saves time, but also buys all matching sets, is shopping on halloweensave add all the product to cart at the same time.

6. Finally done every thing: makeup, wear wigs, put on costumes and pick up props, just dress up! Try to imitate the expressions and movements of the characters in front of the mirror, you can also add exclusive lines, when dreaming the protagonist appears in front of yourself, you must feel great that you are the protagonist this moment!

You can go to party,comic con or anime expo to share with other cosers your fun COS stories! Our cosplay team crew will join in comic con every year, you may meet us here!